Disposable paper products are environmentally friendly and non-polluting biodegradable? Biodegradable plastic testing center to say to you

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Along with the development trend of economic development and the accelerated pace of life, many disposable products have been introduced into our daily life. Disposable paper products have the characteristics of easy to apply and convenient to take with you. In the new era, they become a substitute for plastic products and can meet the needs of the market after plastic restriction.

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So all the disposable paper products are environmentally safe and biodegradable?

In fact, not, in the complexity of the composition of the structure can be said to disposable paper products are roughly divided into two categories, the first category is the structure of relatively simple disposable paper cups, paper bags, packaging paper boxes, kitchenware, etc., the second category is the structure of more complex disposable paper daily necessities and pulp molding products.

Simple paper products: disposable paper cups, kitchen utensils, etc.

The first category of paper products are basically made up of paper and plastic film products. There are two ways to obtain better insulation against water, oil, etc.

The first is that the original paper must be coated with a layer of plastic film (laminated), the vast majority of the sales market at this stage is high-pressure polyethylene (PE) laminated film. However, PE laminated products have the defects of non-degradable, non-repulpable and difficult to acquire. In response to the field of low-carbon environmental protection requirements, the company has developed and designed biodegradable plastic laminated film products and benzene propylene emulsion coated products, coated products to replace high-pressure polyethylene (PE) laminated film.

The second is to add moisture and grease inhibitor in the paper (need to test the safety factor of grease inhibitor and environmental protection). 1951 by 3M, perfluorinatedcompounds (PFCs) because of its good hydrophilic and oleophobic properties and its reliability, is widely used in many levels, especially in food touch raw materials to take the paper The use of PFCs in food touch materials.

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