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Many patients today get radiation therapy and 化療藥物種類 at the same time, so it’s great for them to come to our center for both services and not have to do so much running around, ” says Dr. Kamath. “The thing I hear often from patients is, ‘You’ve made this so much easier for me. I can see all my doctors and get my treatment in one location, and I know you are talking to Buy D3 Gold each other about my medical care. It’s like coming to a mini medical center. ‘”


“When someone is first told that they have cancer, they are shocked, they’re scared, and of course they want to get the best treatment they possibly can, ” says Dr. Kamath. “I think this facility is very unique in that we don’t just treat cancer, we treat people with cancer. We use the most advanced, proven technologies to deliver the same level of care as a Stanford or a UCSF, and we do it in a very personalized way, ” he adds. “We take care of each of our patients as if they were a close family member; they become part of our DVO family. ”


Diablo Valley Oncology and Hematology Medical Group’s breast cancer specialist, Tiffany Svahn, M. D. was given the honor of accepting a Proclamation declaring October Breast Cancer Awareness Month and October 16th National Mammography Day in the City of Orinda. Dr. Svahn received this recognition because of her dedication, hard work, leadership and perseverance in the fight against breast cancer. Seeing approximately 800 breast cancer patients a year, Dr. Svahn’s approach involves treating the whole person, not just their disease. “I find it important to address not only my patient’s medical needs, but their emotional and psychological ones as well. In addition to Cheap D3 Gold focusing on treatment of the disease, I urge my patients to lead a healthy life style with exercise and good nutrition and I help them learn about the different aspects of wellness, ” says Dr. Svahn.